Tuesday, March 24, 2009

And the changes begin....

Well, I had a long talk with myself and decided to take over Breckin's blog. Please follow our new and improved FAMILY blog here http://armstrongfamilychronicles.blogspot.com
We will add pics and updated stuff there. And, I'd like you to vote in the new survey!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Bobby!

I've been hibernating and I think it's time to wake up. It's hard to tell cause there is still snow on the ground and we haven't gone to any festivals in a while. But, it's light outside when I come home from preschool and it's mostly light when I wake up. Plus, today is my "uncle" Bobby's birthday and that means it's time to start spring-like things. Mommy and I bought some seed packets the other day so we'll be doing that soon... I've spent the last two entire days at Grandma and Baba's house. How did I get so lucky??? More to come.....

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Finally!!! The Big Day!

Alrighty! I knew it would come! I've been faithfully opening the little doors on my advent calendar and eating my little chocolates. And here it is! Christmas Day! I slept horribly last night cause I wanted to meet Santa. I heard him, for sure, but he wouldn't come in my room. I even saw where he landed on Paul's roof. There were sleigh marks and everything right outside their bedroom window. If only I could see my roof....

Just like I told him in my letter, he got me the yellow airplane I wanted for my Geo Trax. Thanks, Santa. I got lots of other great stuff- lincoln logs, rc car, hot wheels, trains, a new quilt, a giant Sully, a hippo, and a stocking full of toys and chocolate. Oh, and a new slinky to replace the last one I busted. We spent most of the afternoon at Grandma and Baba's house. Their snow is taller than me!!! We didn't go out to play cause it was just too cold and too much snow. I love Christmas. And, we haven't even been to Daddy's family's Christmas party, yet. Yee haw!

Snowy Days

Here we are on two weeks of being home from school and I'm finding new ways of entertaining myself at home. When it's not too busy snowing outside, we go sledding and eat a lot of snow. When it's dark or too gross out there, I teach myself new things. Like how to jump on the furniture, how to chase Tiki around the house, and how many pairs of glasses I can put on my head. I really like the sledding part but Mommy keeps saying I am getting cabin fever. But, I haven't even been to the cabin since summer... whatever.

I Love Gig Harbor

We packed up and headed out for the other far reaches of Western Washington- Gig Harbor. I love going there. Joslyn, Mo, Mommy, and I drove down to Maggie's cottage for our 3rd Annual Gingerbread House Making Party. We always get to stay up late, eat junk, and play games. My aunties are the best. They sure giggle a lot. I'll let the pictures say it all. Oh, and I hope you are feeling better, Natalee. Thanks for letting me play with all of your toys.

The Show and The Snow

Just so you know, I haven't been to school since Dec 12th. But, let's go back a step. On Dec 12th, I had a lot on my mind. School was crazy cause we were all making last minute adjustments to our big performance that night and the kids and I were a little nuts with excitement. Yeah, that's right, I was in a big Christmas show. I would like to call it "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever." I got to go to Johnny Rockets for dinner with Grandma, Baba, Mommy, Daddy, Heather, Noah, and Joslyn. I love that place. Mommy got me all gussied up in some new handsome clothes and we went back to school (who goes to school on a Friday night???) for me to sing. If you remember from Thanksgiving, I love being on stage and singing. Turns out, I was pretty much the only one that loved it that night. Most of my friends stood there and smiled and I sang my little heart out to the Reindeer Pokey and Jingle Bells. My friend Isaiah was in no mood and he got carted off the stage. I waved a few times but had a BLAST singin those songs. When can we do that again?

Well, like I said, I haven't been back to school since then. It was freezing cold that night and slushy and snowy and wouldn't you know it- it just never stopped. Joslyn packed that weather in her suitcase from Spokane and it sure stayed. She and Daddy and Mommy and I played in the snow the next day and then we went to Gig Harbor..... to be continued....

Tree Hunting

Well, the day after my big camp out, we bundled up and headed out to the far reaches of Western Washington- North Bend. The Biss's got us hooked on this place and now I have to go there to have a candy cane, sit by the campfire, check out the cool old fire truck, and oh yeah- get a tree. They are all so nice and help Daddy put the tree on top of the Jeep. We had to look at every single one and picked the best of the bunch. Now what the heck do we do with it? I have no idea. But, while Daddy was putting it in the dirka ball bucket in the garage and Mommy was toodling around, I stumbled across a huge box of GeoTrax in the closet! I don't know why both of those doors were locked but I saw them and you better believe I started playing with them!! Tree Day was awesome!! Wait, what else was in that closet? I better go back and check.

(Mommy note- yeah, that was the big surprise gift for Christmas. Oops. I thought two locked doors would keep a 3 year old out. Better find a new hiding place.)


I love Pasgetti!